Don’t Be Kodak

Don’t Be Kodak

It’s no secret that I love to travel. Give me a chance to jump on a plane or in a car, and I won’t hesitate, no matter the destination.

The thing about traveling is that you have multiple options to get there.


For example, if you want to travel from Austin to Dallas, you can walk, (not recommended!), ride your bike, get in a car, or book a flight. You could also hire a rideshare like Uber or Lyft. You can even book passage on a bus that provides Wi-Fi so you can work during the trip if you want to.

Some methods get you there faster, some have a higher monetary cost, some are more comfortable, and some require more physical or mental effort. Ultimately, they all get you to where you want to go.


The point is – if it’s your mission to get to Dallas, you can choose the vehicle that fits your needs.

Success, wealth, and passive income share the same attributes.

Our sole mission at Presario Ventures is to increase the wealth of our investors. Everything else is secondary.

Our primary vehicle is, and has been, ground-up development of multifamily real estate. This has allowed us to execute our mission to create investor returns, and by extension, your wealth. Current data supports a mid-term continuation of that trend, but we are always diligently watching the market.

Will it last forever?


The first camera was designed by Johann Zahn in 1685, and the first photograph was created by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1814. This wasn’t commercialized until George Eastman introduced the Kodak #1 camera in 1888. This was the beginning of the Eastman Kodak Company, which became the dominant photographic film producer through most of the twentieth century.

In 1975, a Kodak engineer developed the world’s first digital still camera. Famously, Kodak decided to focus on photographic film, rather than this new method of capturing images. Other companies quickly embraced the technology, and the age of digital photography was born. Less than forty years later, in 2012, the former number one photographic film company in the world declared bankruptcy.

Today, we snap thousands of photos on our phones for free.


The point here is that business can change, and we must be nimble enough to take advantage of advances in technology and the ever-changing investment marketplace.

Because of our decades of experience, large network of connections, and incessant urge to learn more, we are often exposed to opportunities in and out of our area of focus. We have chosen not to ignore those moments and have personally made several investments outside of our core for many years. We don’t want to be Kodak.

While we will always focus on our core competencies in the real estate marketplace, we believe we can serve you further by exposing you to other options. If we believe you can increase your wealth in a meaningful and ethical way, we intend to bring those opportunities to you.

In the future, keep an eye out for investment opportunities in areas and asset classes that we have not previously shared. These will be projects that we have invested in ourselves or projects with well-known partners who have deep expertise in their fields.

As always, connect with us if you have questions. We’re here for you, and though it’s been said before, we are nothing as a company without you!

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