Darin Davis


Principal, Co-founder

Darin Davis, Co-Founder and Principal of Presario Ventures is an industry leader and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in real estate.

Darin co-founded Presario Ventures, a privately held real estate investment company, in 2017. Under his leadership, the company has executed more than $650M in real estate transactions. Darin focuses on establishing and managing the firm’s strategic direction, business development, partner relationships, and capital raising.

Prior to co-founding Presario Ventures, Mr. Davis co-developed his first multifamily project in Austin, Texas, structured as a public-private partnership with an emphasis on the preservation of affordable housing. Mr. Davis’s real estate transactions and investments started in 2002 to include single-family, condo conversions, land entitlement, multi-tenant storage, and Class B commercial retail centers.

Mr. Davis has gained expertise in various areas such as real estate investing, capital raising, public-private partnerships, agency financing, and HUD-insured loan products.

As a Sponsor and General Partner, he has directly participated in securing over $1B in debt and equity for acquisitions and ground-up construction.

Mr. Davis recently launched the Never Quit Initiative, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides housing support for families facing cancer-related challenges and those who have lost a parent to cancer.

He’s an active member of Tiger 21 and a proud alumnus of the University of Oklahoma. When Darin and his family aren’t on the lake in their home state of Texas, you can find them enjoying college football or skiing and snowboarding on the mountain slopes.

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